Instant Power® Heavy Duty Drain Opener

10 times stronger than common drain openers

Our Heavy Duty Drain Opener is the economical treatment for bathroom and kitchen drain clogs.

This is a strong non-acid formulation, 10 times stronger than common drain openers.

We recommend that Heavy Duty Drain Opener be allowed to stay in the drain overnight.

The longer it remains in the drain the more drain clogging matter it will dissolve.

What is it used for?

Used to dissolve hair and grease clogs from any drain

What is it not used for?

Do not use in the garbage disposal. The product may damage non-stainless steel garbage disposals.

Do not use in toilets. If it overflows it may cause safety issues.


Is the product safe for septic systems? If used as directed it is safe for use with septic systems.


For the first application use 2-4 cups, if this does not clear the clog use more product.


Wear safety goggles to protect from possible eruption of Lye. Remove standing water. Pour drain opener slowly, directly into drain. Repeat if necessary.


Slowly pour 2 cups directly into drain. Wait at least 1 hour before flushing with hot water. Overnight is best. Instant Power will continue to dissolve hair deposits as long as it is in the drain. If the clog is further down the drain pipe, more Instant Power will be needed to reach the clog.


Always keep bottle on stable, flat surface and hold by handle. Do not squeeze sides. Doing so may cause eruption of liquid. Remove cap by pressing down and unscrewing. Use a sharp instrument to completely remove silver heat seal by gently cutting out from the inside of neck. Always replace cap after use. If liquid comes in contact with your skin, refer to first aid instructions.


I have never done this before but your heavy duty drain opener worked so well that i wanted to thank you. Your product advertised that it would work no matter what and it did. My bathroom sink was so clogged it would barely drain anymore , it now works better than new thanks so much i will be using your company’s products from now on.

-From Joshua C.

This is a thank you for such a great product. I had a fully clogged drain and tried many things to fix it. Drano, plunger, hot water, drain auger, acid, etc. And nothing worked. I purchased your heavy duty drain cleaner and after two applications and letting it sit for about an hour, the drain was clear.

Thanks for such a great product and saving me hundreds on a plumber coming. Will definitely recommend this to all I know.

-From M. Bass

I just wanted to let you know that I am really happy with your product. We have lived in this house for 18yrs and have always had a problem with the way the tub drained in the bathroom. We have tried all sorts of products and we have snaked the drain we changed the pipes in the drain and the slope and on and on.

We used your heavy duty drain cleaner and let it sit for one hour, nothing, the water just sat there. I left it figuring we would have to take the pipes apart again, a few hours later I went into the bathroom and noticed the tub was empty and dry, so I ran water and it went down the drain, I left it run for several minutes and it never once pooled in the tub. The best part about your product is that it is not a one time product, there is enough of the product for four uses. Thank you so much for having such a great product that really works.

-Margaret R. from Neosho, MO

Just thought I would comment that I am 100% satisfied with your product (heavy duty drain opener) and want to thank you for saving me the cost of having a plumber clear a stubborn clog from the washing machine drain. It only took one application.

-Donald E.

Hi, I just wanted to thank you for a great product! I had a clog way down in the basement from my kitchen sink. I tried a heavy snake but it only seemed to pack the clog tighter. I thought I’d have to dis-assemble the pipes to get at it, then I seen your product (heavy duty drain opener) at Wal-Mart. I figured for only about 4 bucks I might as well give it a try.

I put about half a bottle in and let it sit for about 24 hours. After 24 hours I filled the sink with hot water….still clogged I thought…then “whoosh” the water drained like crazy!! I couldn’t believe it, a product that actually works! Saved me a ton of trouble and mess, glad I found your great product. Thanks again : )

-R.S. Buchholz from Wilton, WI

I have had problems with slow draining sinks as has everyone. Repeated use of various drain cleaners which at best are NO Good. After a couple of bottles it mightl eventuallly drain. However, I found your product at Wal Mart.” Instant heavy duty drain opener“. Came home and used one application and to my amazement the drain opened and flowed freely. Beautiful!!!!!

Three thumbs up for your product. have made a believer/customer out of me.

-Ray M. from Texas

I just wanted to let you know, this stuff really works. I was very skeptical, as other products did not. So, when I saw your 100% guaranty, I bought it, tried and it worked just as said. Thank you so very much!

-Bonnie B. from Orange Park, FL

I have a shower that without fail stopped draining around once a month, I tried snakes, water hose with a power tip to try and blast it open, NOPE. The first time I used the heavy duty drain opener I poured about 1/2 of the bottle (instructions say 1/4 will work, no it says guaranteed to work! I believe it !!!) I left it in all night & in the morning turned on the hot water & to my lo & behold it drained instantly.

This is a excellent product !!!

-Rusell P. from Pasadena, TX

I saw the guarantee ticket on your product & have tried Draino repeatedly with no results. I figured what the heck. I can try. I pretty much assumed I would be requesting a refund.

I am sure you get a lot of complaints (well, hopefully not too many!) and probably few compliments. I thought I’d take a moment to send an email saying your product worked! I had purchased my house several years ago & the previous owners had 2 teenage girls. The shower in the 3rd bathroom was also slow. I tried a plunger. I tried taking the drain apart. I tried Draino (and other various products). Nothing really helped. It would drain, just slow. I don’t like showering in a puddle.

Your product (I did let it set overnight as suggested) cleaned it out. In fact, I think I wasted an awful lot of water just waiting for it to back up again! Hah.

Thank you for a good product. It was worth the money.
-Mary F. from Idaho

What an AWESOME product. I can’t tell you how many years I have been using Liquid Plumber and all their fancy 2 part cleaners and it was a waste of money. So I tried Heavy Duty. At first I thought, this is just like water. It will not work on my tub drain which was REALLY clogged – I was in ankle deep water for weeks. Anyway, 2 cups of Heavy Duty, waited overnight and the clog was GONE! I am so happy w/ Heavy Duty, I will never buy anything else!!! Thank you soo much – Sincerely
-Denise W. from Las Vegas, NV

“I just had to let you know how OMG impressed I am with your product!! I purchased the Instant Power Heavy Duty Drain Opener and it was amazing. I rented a new office and it was a dentist office many many years ago and it had a little sink the just would NOT clear. We tried everything, Draino with the metal slivers, drain sticks etc….. I poured your product in and in an hour it was already better!!!!!! By the next morning it was completely cleared!!! Thank you for putting the little red tag on the bottle that said 100% Guaranteed because that is why I bought the product and why I am writing!!! I can't thank you enough for such a REAL product!!!! ”
-Misty V.

“I had a clogged sink in my bathroom. I had some liquid plumr gel I tried and it did not work. I went to the store to purchase some more and I saw your product. In a last ditch effort to avoid going under my house and taking apart the pipes I figured I would give it a try. The guarantee on the bottle helped sway my decision.

I poured about 1/3 of the bottle in the sink and waited about an hour. I went back and poured about 2 more cups in the drain, it was still going down slow then suddenly the drain went clear. I am very pleased with this and will use it from now on. I don't like being the person that only contacts people when something doesn't go right so Thank you for the help.”
-Mike S.

"I hadn't realized my drain was slowing. The other night I made a roast in the crock pot and covered it in a can of mushrooms. When we ate it, I forgot about the mushrooms that were in the sauce and dumped them in the sink. They were small, so they went right down. They clogged the sink. I went to Wal-Mart and bought a thin plastic tool to dig out and shove down clogs. I dug out some hair (hair? In a kitchen sink?) but rather than clearing the clog I made it impenetrable. "

"So today I went back to Wal-Mart and bought your yellow bottle of Heavy Duty drain cleaner. I bought it because it had a money back if it doesn't work offer on it. I figured no company could afford to make such an offer unless their product really did work. A friend was with me and tried to argue that Liquid Plumber was available, why would I want anything else? I did, I wanted the one that guaranteed their product would work."

I poured a quarter of the bottle into the drain and waited about four hours. Then I poured some water in and it immediately backed up. I was so sad. I didn't want to start the new year with dirty dishes on the counter and a clogged sink. Then, as I was turning to walk away, I heard a "Whoosh!" and the whole clog, or what was left of it, washed away."

"Now that's drama! And it was the best sound I've heard all week. Thanks very much for a product I can count on, and for showing me how good it was by offering to stand behind it. If you hadn't, I likely would not have chosen it."
-Kim W.

“I just wanted to take the time to tell you that your product, Heavy Duty Drain Opener, is fantastic. It fixed a clog on a lateral line, and did it fast. It is nice to use a product that actually does what it says.”
-Ray B.

“I just wanted to drop you guys a line and thank you for your product, after a Monday yesterday and the water on the floor in the wash room I was not looking forward to having to snake a drain or something. I stopped at the store and purchased the Heavy Duty Drain Opener. After 1 hour the drain was flowing perfect. Thank you again. ”
-Danny S.