Instant Power® Hair Clog Remover

10 times stronger than common drain openers

Our Hair Clog Remover is a strong non-acid formulation, 10 times stronger than common drain openers.

This formulation is the best at dissolving hair clogs from bathroom drains. Upon introduction to the drain system, this powerful chemical attacks hair particles and other drain clogging material.

Within a short time, the drain will run freely. However, we recommend that Hair Clog Remover be allowed to stay in the drain overnight.

The longer it remains in the drain the more drain clogging material it will dissolve. This assures a smooth running drain for the future.

What is it used for?

This product is primarily for use in bathrooms for hair clogs, as it will dissolve the hair.

What is it not used for?

Do not use in toilets. If it overflows it may cause safety issues.


Can I use this in the shower? Yes this can be used in the shower and bathtub.


If possible leave product in drain overnight, and flush with hot water in the morning.


Wear safety goggles to protect from possible eruption of Lye. Remove standing water. Pour drain opener slowly, directly into drain. Repeat if necessary.


Slowly pour 2-4 cups directly into drain. Wait at least 1 hour before flushing with hot water. Overnight is best. Instant Power will continue to dissolve hair deposits as long as it is in the drain. If the clog is further down the drain pipe, more Instant Power will be needed to reach the clog.


Always keep bottle on stable, flat surface and hold by handle. Do not squeeze sides. Doing so may cause eruption of liquid. Remove cap by pressing down and unscrewing. Use a sharp instrument to completely remove silver heat seal by gently cutting out from the inside of neck. Always replace cap after use. If liquid comes in contact with your skin, refer to first aid instructions.


Dear Sir, I do not often send an e-mail to a company in regard to their product whether it is good or bad but I just had to tell you that this week I have tried 3 different products to open a drain in my sink and yours is the only one that worked. I tried Draino, Liquid Plumr and yours. Yours worked!!!! I have a small private show dog kennel and some times have problems with hair buildup in the kennel drain. Your product will be on my shelf in the future.

-Paula R., Who Dat Kennels

Hi, I’m letting you know I’m a very happy customer. I have very long hair that really clogs up my sink and tub. I bought your product (hair clog remover) based on the guarantee advertised on the bottle. I let it work overnight and it worked amazingly. I will always make sure I have your product on hand for when a clog occurs again. Thank you!

-From Chris Bishop

I just wanted to let you guys know that your product is awesome! I had tried everything, and nothing seemed to be able to make the drain in my shower actually drain. I was initially hesitant about purchasing your product since I had no previous experience with it nor had I heard anyone mention it. I also am an avid couponer, so I hated that I had to pay retail price on something I was unsure about.

After using the hair clog remover product, my drain is back to perfect! Your products will definitely be on my radar from now on and will be my first choice if I ever need it again! I will be spreading the word to those around me as well!

Thank you so much!

-Amber D from Stantonsburg, NC

Several years ago, I purchased a bottle of your Instant Power Hair Clog Remover. I bought it just in case I would ever need it and because, the way the bottle looked, it seemed that it was a good product (LOL). My kitchen sink has been slow for quite some time, and this morning it was totally clogged and we could do anything to get it to unclog.

My husband said, “We will have to call the plumber.” I told him to wait for me to find what I had in the house. I thought it might not work because it was so old. I had not read the instructions properly and I poured it down the drain with water yet in it. A few seconds later, I saw that I was suppose to get rid of the water. It didn’t matter that I had left the water in it, because within a couple of minutes my problem was solved.

This is absolutely the best plumbing product I have ever witnessed, and I’ve been around a while. Please don’t change the formula. Usually, when I find a good product, they change the formula and mess it up!

-Vetrea, R from Harvest, Alabama

I have had a drain problem in our bathtub for almost 2 months. I tried Drano, plumber liquid and many other products until I saw Hair Clog Remover. I thought to myself why not try it , it can't hurt. Well I did and I will tell you it is the best clog remover.

You saved me from calling a plumber. I just wanted to say Thank You

-Laura M. from Pacoima, CA

Just wanted to let you know that I recently purchased your product at Walmart because we had a major hair clog in our shower. I purchased it because it was the only product for sale that was specific for hair clogs and also because of the guarantee.

To be honest, I really didn’t think it would work because the hair clog was pretty bad. I figured I had nothing to lose because of the money-back guarantee but thought I would end up calling a plumber. Well, I have to say….I WAS AMAZED!!! It took two different applications to get the drain cleared but it worked! I can’t recall a time in my life when I’ve been more impressed by a product!! I will definitely recommend your product to my family and friends.

-Debi C. from Kennewick, WA

It was FABULOUS……you were my last hope before calling the plumber. We bought our home in August and had suffered with slow draining in the master bath.

I tried other products with no success and decided to try one last store product before spending the big bucks to get it fixed. I followed the instructions and left the hair clog remover product in over night and the next morning to my amazement the drain was totally unclogged. We are believers!

-Beverly J from Peoria, AZ

I have been telling myself to do this for several weeks and just put it off. I'm writing to tell you how GREAT you Hair Clog remover works.

I tired using Drain o several time's in my tub and while it drained a little better for a while never did drain great. Well we were at Walmart to get another bottle of drain o my wife & I saw your product with the guaranteed on bottle so we both said why not if it don't work it's free. Well after using it ONCE I can understand why you guarantee it. It cleared up the clog completely and have not even had to use it again and that has been several weeks ago while if it had been drain o would have been doing it again. Thanks for a great product we have told many people about it.

-Sincerely George Anderson

“I am very impressed with your product (hair clog remover)! We had a very bad clog in our bath tub.Twice we tried Drano and used the whole bottle with no results!I let your product sit over night and got amazing results! NO MORE CLOG! I also used it in our sink and worked great too!Your guarantee is great but I wont be using it.Thanks again for a great product! Will be using it again. ”
-Kevin H. From Southgate, MI

WOW!!!!!!!! YOUR PRODUCT, INSTANT POWER HAIR CLOG REMOVER REALLY WORKS!!!! I let it sit in the drain over night and WOW, no clogged drain! I have tried other products and nothing seemed to work. It is nice to see good products on the market that do what they claim to do. Thanks for such a good product.
-Beverly from Sun City West, AZ

I am writing to let you know what a marvelous product this is. I have been using it for a couple of years now and it is super. The first time I used it I was standing ankle deep in water but after pour some into the drain it was cleared out in just a few minutes. Good job
-Mary D from Solon, Ohio

I would like to congratulate you on the great product that I have just discovered. I’m not sure if I have just overlooked your product or if “my store” has just started carrying the Hair Clog product but I will use nothing but yours from now on.

My daughter has a minature Austrailian Shepperd that is being trained as a farm dog. Needless to say, Izzy needs to be bathed often and usually in my tub. I have used many of your competitors to try to unclog the drain, nothing! But the first time I used your product…wow! The clog was gone. Again, thank you for a product that actually does as it promises.
-Patti E. from Munfordville, Ky

Just wanted to drop a message and say thank you for the great product. I have been fighting my bathtub drain for a while now with different drano, trying to push water thru it on both ends, etc. I bought your hair clog remover at Walmart that said Guaranteed or my money back. Just want to say thanks, my tub is draining good now.
-Mark P. from Louisiana

I am writing to THANK YOU for creating a product that WORKS! I cannot begin to tell you the amount of money I have wasted on other brands. Keep up the great work! A very satisfied first time user and now customer.
-Rose K.

Dear Sir/Madam,

Hair Clog Remover is a wonderful product. I have had a stopped up bathroom sink for about 6 weeks.

I tried two of the nationally known brands that are advertised on TV and neither worked. I tried to snake the drain and plunge it and nothing worked.

I finally had to put a small basin under the facet in case I forgot and turned on the faucet. I am self supporting and out of work so I could not afford a plumber. I have long hair and I am very careful of not letting hair go down the shower drain but somehow the bathroom sink got clogged up.

Last night I was in Wal-Mart in Milford, CT and I was looking at the drain opener products, not they I intended to waste anymore money. I saw a red bottle that said Hair Clog Remover and it had a guarantee so I thought I would try it. I put it in the drain and left it for 3 1/2 hours even though the directions said that overnight was best. I then ran the hot water for about 5 minutes. I was so surprised that it worked. This was the first time I have seen your product in any store. I am so happy to have my bathroom sink back. This is an excellent product.

Kind Regards,
-Sally Anne H.

“Wow....Not responding for a money back guarantee but I'm writing to let your company know that yes and deed this product works!!! Instantly! Once I poured the drain opener (Hair Clog Remover) in the kitchen sink, in seconds the water went down and has not clogged up yet. Thanks for a great job.
-L. Watkins- Scotch Plains, NJ

“From a woman with thick hair that 'sheds' frequently - thank you for an easy-to-use, effective product. I didn't know my drains could run so fast! Will recommend to friends and family.
-Kristen W. from Sartell, MN

“Wow....Not responding for a money back guarantee but I'm writing to let your company know that yes and deed this product works!!! Instantly! Once I poured the drain opener (Hair Clog Remover) in the kitchen sink, in seconds the water went down and has not clogged up yet. Thanks for a great job.
-L. Watkins- Scotch Plains, NJ

“No refund needed here! I tried your Hair Clog Remover and it worked like a charm. I had tried Drano 3 times without success. Your product I used just once and the tub is draining
-G. Kramp- Fairview Park, OH

“My husband and I would like to say Thank You very much for this product. For many years it seems, we have had a very slow drain in the bath slow that sometimes it would not drain from just using the shower for several hrs. We have tried EVERYTHING under the sun, short of ripping out every pipe from the shower.

We came across your product with a sticker that said "Guaranteed to work or its free". This of course caught our attention and after reading it and comparing to a few other things, we bought yours.

We had to treat the clog 2 or 3 times just to be safe, then followed the instructions and by the 3rd treatment the drain actually works normally!

I was so happy that we came across this product that I am more than willing to continue buying your products in the future and I will definitely share my experience to others who might be looking for something to try.
-Karen D. from Baltimore, MD

“Congratulations and hooray!!! I'm not asking for my money ($7.00) back. When I bought a bottle of Instant Power Hair Clog the other day, I thought for sure I'd be getting my money back! Didn't happen!

Nice surprise, after two easy applications, it actually worked!

As a former ad executive and info-mercial producer, this stuff belongs on TV. Demonstrations work! and Instant Power Hair Clog is a natural."
-Donny R.

“Instant Power’s Hair Clogger Remover was completely successful in removing a significant clog in our bathroom sink drain. I had used one of your competitior’s product the day before. It did not work at all. So, I used Instant Power’s clog and waited overnight before flushing the drain with hot water. The drain was running better, but still slowly. So, I used Instant Power again, and waited a day before flushing the drain with hot water again. It completely cleared the clog. Thanks for a great product! It saved us the cost of a plumber’s call."
-Shirley G.

“I just wanted to thank you for such an amazing product! I bought your hair clog remover after months of a clogged bathtub and after several other attempts at drain cleaners. I bought the bottle on a whim seeing the 100% guarantee I figured I didn't have anything to lose. I got home and immediately put some down my drain, waited a few hours, plunged lightly and BAM! no more clog. It's amazing! Nothing else worked and I was about to call a plumber. And it's been clog free for a couple weeks already and it's so wonderful. I just wanted to tell you Thank you!! "
-Taryn S.

“Hello. I am writing you to let you know how happy I am with a product of yours! I had a clogged bathroom sink and a semi-clogged bathroom tub that I had been working on for weeks. I tried draino, vinegar and baking soda, a water snake, wire….you name it! It didn’t work and I was dreading calling the plumber to fix the problem because we just can’t aford that at this time.

So, my mom let me borrow her bottle of Instant Power Hair Clog Remover. She said that she found it is the best thing that she ever used and fixed her tough clogs unlike anything else. It was worth a try. I put it in the drains and let them sit over night. In the morning the water ran right down them! Yipeee….thank you so much! I am going to purchase at least two (2 Liter) bottles of Instant Power Hair Clog Remover now…one to replace the one I borrowed from my mom and a couple for us to keep on hand just in case!

I am also suggesting this product to all of my friends. If you happen to have any coupons or money saving discounts on this product please send them my way! I am so happy that I found your product. Thank you.
-Jill from Little Falls, NY

"For over a year our tub has been clogged and drained painfully slow. we tried everything from drano to all natural (baking soda and vinegar). Nothing worked, we had gone to walmart to get the new drano to try yet again and I saw your product. All I could think was they were awfully confident that this would work.

I admit I was skeptical, mainly cause nothing else worked. I tried it and was very surprised when I went to drain water and it went through. I will never use another product other than yours to remove a clog again.
-Alisha G. from Kentucky

"It is no wonder this product is guaranteed! Recently when I decided to use this product for the first time it was the only bottle left on the shelf at my local Walmart. This has to be due to the fact that each time another person tries this product the demand is increased! It worked completely. I was so impressed and amazed and I will never use another product to remove my drain clogs!
-Kim O.

"I wanted to let you know that firstly, i have never written a letter to a corporation regarding their product, whether good or bad. but i think that when one does a job well done, it deserved recognition. I wanted to express how EXTREMELY impressed i was when i used your product for the first time. I had tried several other well-known products and NOTHING WORKED. I bought your product at WALMART and lo and behold, my sink drain was running faster than a thief in the night!

I recommended your product to a complete stranger who was in aisle mulling over which product to choose. I told her my story and she appeared to be convinced as she picked up a container, thanked me, and walked off. if i have to ever unclog my drains again, i know which product really does what it says it can do. keep up the great work."
-Martha M.

"I love this product! For the last 2 years I have tolorated a slow drain in my shower and a clogged bathroom sink . I tried everything short of calling a plummer. While shopping in Wal-Mart, I saw your product and purchased it. I have never seen a product this awsome and actually work! I will always keep this product in my home and tell my friends about it."
-Christine from Fayetteville, North Carolina

"I found your product at a local Walmart last week and am amazed and impressed with the results! I let it sit in the drain for about eight hours before running the water and when I did it drained immediately. I'll be purchasing additional products from your company."
-Lisa from Chalfont, PA

"I used the Hair clog remover and it really works, the best product I have EVER USED HANDS DOWN. I will recommend this product to all my friends. I would like to receive coupons for future purchases of your products, especially the hair clog remover. Thanks!"
-Mike C from Tennessee

"I picked up Hair Clog Remover at my local WalMart 2 weeks ago because I have long hair, my daughters have long hair, and we occasionally give our Labrador Retriever a bath in the same shower. I have to buy drain products every 6 months or so because the strainer just can't catch all the hair. This product is incredible. I read the sticker that said "Guaranteed to Work", which made me bought it. The other cleaners I've bought were ok, but nothing worked like this one to clean my drain! Thank you for a great product!"
-Carrie S.

“I have had trouble with my bathroom sink since I moved in 2 ½ years ago. I went to the store and bought Instant Power Hair Clog Remover. It worked GREAT! I have tried other drain cleaners before and this is by far the BEST I’ve ever tried.”
-Sylvia M.

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